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ACC Iowa Chapter Leadership


 Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS,   EJD, FACC, FSCAI, FICA

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Mahi L. Ashwath, MD, FACC, FASE

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 Kyle Ulveling, MD, FACC

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Executive Director

Nancy Adams´╗┐

ACC Iowa Chapter Strategic Council Leadership

District Council

(East Central)
Paul Lindower, MD, FACC   

District Council

Mark G. Berry, DO, FACC

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District Council

(East Central)

Women in Cardiology
Chapter Representative
Rafat F. Padaria, MD, FACC

Iowa Medical Society Committee
on County & Speciality Policy

Chapter Representative

Vijay Rajendran, MD, FACC

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Iowa Medical Society Committee
on Medical Services
Chapter Representative

Spas Kotev, MD, FACC

CV Team Liaison
Shawna Duske, MS, ARNP

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Fellow Representative

(Mason City)


  Gurmeet Singh, DO

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Fellow Representative

(University of Iowa)

Pulkit Chaudhury, MD, MS
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Leadership Portal

The Evolution of the ACC Board of Governors and State Chapters - Past is Prologue

Credited to John Gordon Harold, MD, MACC, ACC Past President and Past BOG Chair (2009-2010). *This information first appeared in the April 2, 2019 BOG Update.