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The chapter placed second place overall in the CV Team Member Recruitment Challenge!

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The ACC's Cardiovascular Team Member Section and Leadership Council is the home for cardiovascular team professionals within the ACC, advocating for and advancing priorities of interest to the community.

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Leadership Board for 2019 CV Team Chapter Recruitment Challenge - Iowa 3rd place!

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The Member Hub is a way for us to increase connectivity among our members and speaks directly to increasing our relevance as the CV professional home. Member Hub is the ACC's free online community, a place where members can ask questions, share their knowledge and participate in mentorship. It's a platform designed around knowledge exchange – a criterion for transforming cardiovascular care and improving heart health.

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Shawna Duske, MS, ARNP
Iowa-ACC CV Team Liaison and Regional Director (3)

1236 E Rusholme St. #300
Davenport, IA 52803

CV Team Liaison Election Results
Congratulations to Cynthia Burkholder and Shelly McGurk for being elected as the chapter's incoming CV Team Co-liaisons for 2020-2023!

Cynthia D. Burkholder, ARNP                          
Cardiovascular Medicine, P.C.                           
1236 E. Rusholme Street                                   
Heart Institute, Suite 300                                    
Davenport, IA 52803     
Email: Burkholder@cvmedpc.com

Ph: 563-324-2992    

Shelly L. McGurk, ARNP
PA/ARNP/NNP Supervisor
The University of Iowa

Gen Med Clin EPI & Geriatrics


Iowa City, IA 52242 

Email: shelly-mcgurk@uiowa.edu

Ph: 319-356-4019

Want More Information? Want to Get Involved?
For more information about the Iowa Chapter CV Team involvement, contact Shawna Duske, MS, ARNP, Iowa Chapter CVT State Liaison at Duske@cvmedpc.com.