Welcome to the Iowa Chapter of the ACC

2018 State-of-the-State Annual Report


Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS, EJD, FACC, FSCAI, FICA


  1. Successful engagement of members, including FITs, CVTs, WICs, and Iowa pediatric cardiology fellows to identify needs with the goal of having membership recognize the ACC as their professional home.
  2. Initiated a half day CVT-dedicated conference in conjunction with Cardiovascular Innovations and Practice Guidelines 2018 Conference (CIPG 2018) to show the value of being a CVT member in the ACC.
  3. Promoted membership and advocacy by having our executive director set up and run a booth at two conferences (CIPG 2018 and Limb Ischemia Conference).
  4. Hosted a dinner program for FITs and discussed programs that ACC offers for fellows and opportunities to be involved; PAD training in Iowa and research for fellows; and what they can do and be involved in at both chapter and national ACC levels.
  5. We put tremendous energy into engaging FITs to attend various meetings throughout the year (ACC.18 Jeopardy participants; CIPG 2018 Conference; Big-Sky Conference and the Midwest Cardiovascular Forum). The chapter offered travel stipends for fellow's attending these meetings; totaling $4,950.0


  1. We are fostering an international relationship with the University of Balamand in Lebanon. Discussions and planning to hold an international meeting in Lebanon in 2019 are continuing.
  2. We will continue to focus on advocacy and membership engagement and recruitment, particularly around the CV Team, WIC and FIT members.
  3. We will continue to work with other chapters in the Midwest to develop educational programs for fellows to help them prepare for their careers.


  1. We have chapter representatives serving on the Iowa Medical Society's Committee on Medical Services and County & Specialty Policy Council. These representatives give updates at our Strategic Council meetings.
  2. As the Iowa Medical Society prepared for the 2019 Legislative Session, we worked with our National State Government Affairs representative to provide the Iowa Medical Society information regarding policy initiatives that are of the most importance to our chapter for the next year and what we would like having IMS's involvement in.

We are hosting Joni Ernst in 2019. We have been in contact with her office and we expect that we will be able to have her on a site visit to Cardiovascular Medicine PC or meet with her in her office in Des Moines.


  1. We hosted a dinner program for FITs in Iowa City. Topics included programs that ACC offers fellows and opportunities to be involved; PAD training in Iowa and research for fellows; what they can do and be involved in at IA-ACC and ACC National level. The need for peripheral vascular exposure was communicated at this dinner and we continue to focus on finding a way for FITs to get this exposure.
  2. We hosted a visit for Congressman Dave Loebsack to the Genesis Heart Institute in March.
  3. The chapter collaborated for a successful Midwest Cardiovascular Forum: Controversies in Cardiovascular Disease in Minneapolis, MN in order to combine meetings, to pull in larger crowds and share knowledge across state lines.
  4. We initiated a half day CVT-dedicated conference in conjunction with Cardiovascular Innovations and Practice Guidelines 2018 Conference (CIPG 2018) to show the value of being a CVT member in the ACC. Chapter travel stipends were awarded to FITs who had posters accepted for this meeting.
  5. The chapter sponsored a FIT team for ACC.18 Jeopardy competition in Orlando as well as for the first ever Jeopardy competition at the Midwest Forum in Minneapolis, MN. Chapter travel stipends were awarded for both meetings.


We will be collaborating with CIPG 2019 to expand the conference with another half day to focus on WIC and cardiovascular imaging. This has been approved by the Midwest Cardiovascular Research Foundation and will be co-sponsored with IA ACC.


  1. Our Governor is working with individual members to help involve them on the ACC committees to increase national involvement.
  2. Our Governor is also working with industry to enhance the education and implementation of state wide program to bring awareness to key diabetic drugs, heart failure drugs and oral anticoagulants that have recently shown to make a large difference in cardiovascular patients' hard outcomes.


  1. Our WIC Liaison reached out to program directors at the University of Iowa and Mercy in Des Moines to create an opportunity in Cardiology amongst Internal Medicine female residents. She was invited to speak at an Iowa Chapter of the American Medical Women Association (AMWA) meeting in Iowa City to discuss women's issues in medicine.
  2. To ensure that our chapter members benefits from a leadership group of diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, we have sought a diverse group of members to sit on our Strategic Council.
  3. WIC conference will be initiated in 2019 in conjunction with CIPG 2019 in Davenport, IA.


  1. In conjunction with the University of Iowa and ACC National, we funded a FIT to the 3rd Annual Teaching Tomorrow's Teachers Program at the 40th Annual Cardiology at Big Sky Conference in Big Sky, MT, February 19-23.
  2. Chapter travel grants were awarded to 8 FITs to attend the conference attempting to bring together fellows from both of our Iowa programs. Three of the FITs participated in the first ever Jeopardy competition at this conference and will move forward to participate in the ACC.19 National competition. Five FITs attended to present their accepted posters.
  3. Our Governor serves on the ACCPAC Council of Advisors.
  4. Three Iowa Chapter representatives attended the ACC Legislative Conference.
  5. We have appointed FIT Council members from both training institutions within the state.


  1. Continue to strive to be the professional home for all cardiologists and aim to meet our fellows' and CVT members' professional and educational goals.
  2. Increased social media posts/presence.